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As if with a mind of its own, Wayne’s hand continued, slowly moving,
touching, caressing, until finally it fully covered the mound of her
breast. This, for guys, is the moment of truth: is she going to stop me?
Is she going to ignore it? We never know, and it is always an achingly
anxious moment. I have no idea how hard Wayne’s heart was beating right
then…. but mine was about jumping out of my chest with anticipation, and
I was fully 6 feet away!

Slowly, oh so slowly, Sue responded in a most wonderfully affirmative way.
Her hand moved up from her side, gently touched Wayne’s hand, and then
continued up to the top button on her dress, and languidly unbuttoned it!
Moving back to his hand, Sue stroked his fingers and gently moved them
towards the new opening in the neckline of her dress. Then when it was
clear that Wayne had found the opening, and had gotten the message, her
hand embarked an exploration of its own, followed his arm to his shoulder,
then down to his chest

This seemed to electrify Wayne. With a soft cry of delight, he unbuttoned
two or three more buttons at the top of Sue’s dress, enough to be able to
slide his hand within, and touch the bare skin of her breast. From my
vantage point, I could see his fingers molding and softly squeezing her
tit, moving under the cloth to find and tease her nipple. At the same
time, Sue was reaching down along his side, dropping to his waist, looking
for a way under his rugby shirt. Things were visibly heating up, as each
of them began breathing more audibly, and sighing with pleasure at each
new discovery.

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swinger videos Puma, a tall blond Swedish sex pot, seems a little too excited to gulp and grind on Steven’s hard cock. Since the first couple-fuck left a bad taste in his mouth, jealous Jack is back to swap out his new wife of 3 months. Maybe Shy’s tasty cock can cure Jack’s stingy tendencies while adding some fun to Shy and Steven’s marriage of 5 years!

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swinger sex orgyswinging couples I now belong to the White Boy’s Auziliary, which is an
informal network of white men whose wives have black lovers.
There are a few hundred of us in this organization alone. It’s a
good way to share experiences, make new friends, and so spread
the good word. It isn’t really an organized club, but we do now
have bumper stickers and lapel pins. More and more people are
learning about the WBA. I have had a number of black men see me
with my pin, introduce them to my wife. Which I do if they seem
to be her type. At least once a week a black man approaches
Beverly. I know when this happens, because she calls me at work
and says, “Guess who’s coming to dinner?”

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Since that evening we have limited our swinging exclusively
to black men. We have learned that there are many, many white
couples who do the same. And quite a few black studs who
“specialize” in white married women. White men don’t do it for
Beverly anymore. And after watching her with some of her lovers,
I’m suprized that there aren’t more white women seeking out black

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“Sharing” was what she called it. “Don’t miss a drop,” she said.
When I finished, we kissed, enjoying our traditional sharing of
the juices. I didn’t want to admit it at first, but the mixture
of Frank’s cum and Beverly’s pussy juice actually tasted
Frank continued to give both Mary and Beverly a cock lashing
like I have never seen before. And it seemed that he had an
ocean full of cum in his balls as he filled Beverly up so much
again that she stood up on her knees, legs spread, opened her
cunt with both hands, and announced, “Look what my darling Frank
gave me!” She began to force Frank’s cum out of her love hole.
The thick, white liquid dripped out of her, while a wide,
ecstatic smile shown on Beverly’s face.

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Beverly held on for dear life, saying, “Give it all to me.
No one has ever fucked me that deep. Only you, Frank. My pussy
belongs only to YOU!” Then he withdrew, got up from the bed, and
told Mary that it was her turn. The three of them left the room.
We were alone, and I knew what was coming next.
“Come on, Jack. You know what I love.” I got on the bed
with my face between her legs, looking at the yawning hole of her
cunt with Frank’s cum oozing out. I began sucking her. I had
become used to sucking Beverly after her lovers finished making
love to her. But this was a somewhat different experience.

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Ten minutes later we were in the bedroom and Frank was
poised above Beverly with the head of his rigid cock at the
entrance to her pussy. Slowly he began entering her, pausing
every inch or so to savor the feeling and to watch Beverly’s
reaction. Her eyes were wide open and so was her mouth. “Do
it! she yelled. “Give it to me…fuck my mother fucking
cunt…NOW!” He did it, pushing his monstrous cock all the way
in her and then beginning to fuck her with a practiced rhythm.
Beverly picked up his rhythm, locked her feet behind his buttocks
and pumped for all she was worth. It didn’t take long for
Beverly to have an enormous orgasm, at which time Frank paused a
moment before pounding away furiously. He finally froze deep
inside her, filling her with cum.

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Jim then took me aside and suggested that we go to the kitchen
and make drinks for everyone.
“Jack, you’ve got to see this guy to believe him. Mary is
totally addicted to him. He had an open invitation and sometimes
comes over and fucks Mary during the day when I’m at work. At
first I objected, but there’s no denying him any more. I can
assure you that Beverly will love it and think she’s never had
sex before by comparison.” We finished the drinks and went back
to the living room.
What I saw was a scene which not only was to repeat itself
many times in the next three years-even though I didn’t know it
at the time, but also would turn me on incredibly to watch.
Beverly was on her knees in front of Frank, who was sitting on
the sofa next to Mary. In her hands was the largest cock I had
seen in person. About ten inches long and very hard and fat.
And black. The head was glistening from what I assumed to
Beverly’s licking and sucking. She began licking it form top to
bottom. I was hypnotized at the sight. Realizing I was there,
Beverly looked over her shoulder at me and said, “Jack, look at
this! I can’t believe it! It so beautiful!” Then she began
licking and sucking again while Frank kissed Mary and played with
her tits.

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the two other couples soon went upstairs to one of the
bedrooms. We were left with Jim, Mary, and Frank. “Beverly,”
said Mary, “you are going to have the biggest and hottest cock of
your life tonight. But you have to share it with me.” I think
Beverly and I both blushed, because the three of them laughed.
Frank looked at me and said, “Jack, I like Beverly’s looks and
hope you don’t mind my enjoying her this evening.”
Before I oculd answer, Beverly said, “No indeed he doesn’t
mind! Right Jack?” I nodded my assent, and with that Frank
quickly removed his clothes as Mary and Beverly followed suit.


Sometimes at night when it is all quiet I can still hear her
panting, “Oooooo, I’m gonna come, baby! Get ready!” while her
big, wonderful ass is twisting and writhing under me, her huge
sweet tits are bouncing around, her big hairy cunt grinding and
exploding against my eager mouth, that familiar little warm
dribble running down my chin.
“Swinging…Ebony Style”
Three years ago my wife had her first experience with a
black man at a swinging party. That evening has changed the
entire nature of our sex life-and for the better.
Our swinging was getting to be somewhat routine and we were
both about to drop out. The one fantasy Beverly had never
realized was to make it with a really super-hung black man. She
had always preferred men with large cocks, and the idea of
contrast in color was something that had captured her
imagination. As it turned out, the experience far surpassed her
expectations-and mine, too.

I still think of her a lot

If she was in her period (which she was a few times) she
would not let me go empty-handed. She would give me a very nice
blowjob. She always warned me not to tell her mom about that,
fearing that the older lady would shit up her back if she knew
that Sarah was a cock sucker. But, I think her mom already
suspected it, anyway, because I have heard her grumbling about
“the girls are just as bad as the boys when it comes to doing
that nasty stuff!” She would give Sarah a direct gaze when she
muttered it, too. I think she suspected that her daughter would
not let me leave unfulfilled, and she understood that Sarah liked
me very much.
Sarah finally got married, and probably has a houseful of
kids by now, but I still think about her a lot. She was some of
the best damned eating in the world, and I sure hope that the guy
she married is a cunt-eater. He probably is by now, if I know
his wife, because that is something she has to have a lot of.

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I loved to give that girl tongue baths, licking and kissing
all over her pretty face, her lips and eyes and forehead, her
cheeks and throat, out her shoulders and down her arms, all the
while petting her big hairy cunt or titties. She would get
hotter and hotter, and I would move all over her naked body,
licking her hips and thighs, her knees and belly, over her
breasts and nipples, up and down her back and all over her
dimpled buttocks, sucking at her puckered asshole. By the time I
reached her cunt it would be delightfully sloppy and actually
quivering delicately for me. She would hold those lovely full
thighs open and up, and I would devour her entire crotch, never
leaving it in LESS than an hour. The more Sarah’s cunt was
eaten, the better it seemed to get.

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titties looked like a pair of tan volleyballs on her chest, and
had great dark nipples. Her waist was real small for a lady her
size, and curved outward demurely into her softly rounded hips
and dimpled, squirmy rear end, then on down into her lush, full
thighs and rounded knees. She was like light brown velvet all
over, and she kept herself squeaky clean.
There was one unique thing about Sarah-every time she
climaxed she would pee a little bit. No kidding! it embarrassed
her something awful at first, but it tickled me. After she
realized that I really loved it her embarrassment vanished, and
she would just climax all over the place for me again and again,
letting out her little warm dribble each time.

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Her parents and her younger brother and sister knew about
me, too, because Sarah told them exactly what I did to her. Her
dad would grin and kid me about eating her, telling me that it
was good for acid indigestion, etc. Her plump little mother
would shake her dark head and murmur about the “nasty things
these youngsters do nowadays”, and warn Sarah about getting
pregnant, even though she knew that no female can get pregnant on
saliva. Her kid sister’s eyes would shine when she saw me. She
was as pretty as Sarah but she was only fourteen. Her kid
brother would draw me aside and ask me how you go about eating a
cunt. But, they were all happy for Sarah because she was getting
the thing she wanted and loved.
Sarah had a rather big cunt, but it was beautiful to look
at. it had long, plumpish, dark lips with a long, delicately
pink crack between them, a hole which was surprisingly tight and
hot and deep, a nice big clitoris which was easily located and
which was always erect, I thin, and everything was covered very
nicely by a big, wide patch of kinky black hair which extended
downward and disappeared into the deep cleft of her bottom.

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