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Swinger sex party

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the two other couples soon went upstairs to one of the
bedrooms. We were left with Jim, Mary, and Frank. “Beverly,”
said Mary, “you are going to have the biggest and hottest cock of
your life tonight. But you have to share it with me.” I think
Beverly and I both blushed, because the three of them laughed.
Frank looked at me and said, “Jack, I like Beverly’s looks and
hope you don’t mind my enjoying her this evening.”
Before I oculd answer, Beverly said, “No indeed he doesn’t
mind! Right Jack?” I nodded my assent, and with that Frank
quickly removed his clothes as Mary and Beverly followed suit.


Sometimes at night when it is all quiet I can still hear her
panting, “Oooooo, I’m gonna come, baby! Get ready!” while her
big, wonderful ass is twisting and writhing under me, her huge
sweet tits are bouncing around, her big hairy cunt grinding and
exploding against my eager mouth, that familiar little warm
dribble running down my chin.
“Swinging…Ebony Style”
Three years ago my wife had her first experience with a
black man at a swinging party. That evening has changed the
entire nature of our sex life-and for the better.
Our swinging was getting to be somewhat routine and we were
both about to drop out. The one fantasy Beverly had never
realized was to make it with a really super-hung black man. She
had always preferred men with large cocks, and the idea of
contrast in color was something that had captured her
imagination. As it turned out, the experience far surpassed her
expectations-and mine, too.

I still think of her a lot

If she was in her period (which she was a few times) she
would not let me go empty-handed. She would give me a very nice
blowjob. She always warned me not to tell her mom about that,
fearing that the older lady would shit up her back if she knew
that Sarah was a cock sucker. But, I think her mom already
suspected it, anyway, because I have heard her grumbling about
“the girls are just as bad as the boys when it comes to doing
that nasty stuff!” She would give Sarah a direct gaze when she
muttered it, too. I think she suspected that her daughter would
not let me leave unfulfilled, and she understood that Sarah liked
me very much.
Sarah finally got married, and probably has a houseful of
kids by now, but I still think about her a lot. She was some of
the best damned eating in the world, and I sure hope that the guy
she married is a cunt-eater. He probably is by now, if I know
his wife, because that is something she has to have a lot of.

Tongue baths

I loved to give that girl tongue baths, licking and kissing
all over her pretty face, her lips and eyes and forehead, her
cheeks and throat, out her shoulders and down her arms, all the
while petting her big hairy cunt or titties. She would get
hotter and hotter, and I would move all over her naked body,
licking her hips and thighs, her knees and belly, over her
breasts and nipples, up and down her back and all over her
dimpled buttocks, sucking at her puckered asshole. By the time I
reached her cunt it would be delightfully sloppy and actually
quivering delicately for me. She would hold those lovely full
thighs open and up, and I would devour her entire crotch, never
leaving it in LESS than an hour. The more Sarah’s cunt was
eaten, the better it seemed to get.

Black lover

I am a white guy of forty-six. About fifteen years ago when I worked in the South, I
was very good friends with a then nineteen-year-old black girl
named Sarah. She was one of the prettiest black females I have
ever seen in her face; shiny blue/black hair, great soft brown
eyes, a sensitive mouth. She was slightly on the plump side, but
in my opinion, it only made her more alluring.
About two times a week I would drop in on Sarah for the
express purpose of going down on her. That girl was some of the
best eating I have found, and she was wild about being eaten,
too. That was all I ever did to her-giving her tongue baths and
eating her cunt-and she playfully called me her “personal and
private cunt eater” when we were alone, and in her own apartment

Wild poolside orgy

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was fucking me from behind and Debbie was caressing Lisa, when Lisa sent
Debbie downstairs for the camera. When she came back Lisa waited until John
was ready to come. Just as he started to come, she moved down and pulled
his spurting cock from my pussy and sucked him into her mouth. Give the girl
credit. Not a drop leaked from her mouth as John shot a huge load. Debbie
took pictures and watched as Lisa slipped John back into my dripping cunt.
She rolled me over on my side, and indicated for me to open my mouth. Lisa
leaned over and let John’s come dribble into my mouth, letting Debbie catch
it on film. Debbie couldn’t stand it and gave John the camera and joined
us. The result is one very hot series of pictures. The one I like best shows
the three of us with our tounges touching and a big drop of John’s cum about
to fall back down my tounge.

College Orgy

orgy in college
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Lisa fell quiet, floating on her cloud. John had cleaned his cock up,
and now we lifted Lisa onto the coffee table. We spread her wide open and
John began to fuck her sopping cunt. I took pictures this time, while Debbie
held Lisa’s legs and told her to suck pussy. I took pleasure in telling Lisa
what a slut she looked like after that. “You’re such a slut Lisa. You’re lay-
ing there covered with cum, sucking a girls cunt while your get fucked!” Lisa
moaned and rocked her hips against John. “Oh my!” I said. “Just think what
you’re pictures would look like on the company bulletin board! Everyone could
see Lisa, the cum-covered slut, sucking cunts and cocks!” Lisa screamed into
Debbie’s cunt, thrashing her head about and bucking against John wildly. When
Debbie moved off of her, Lisa was crying and pleading for us to make her come
again and again. “Fuck me! Make me cum! I want to cum! Cum! CumCumCum!!” Lisa
went rigid and shuddered as John plunged into her. Debbie bent down and she
licked Lisa’s clit until she cried loudly and passed out.

Orgy Sex Party

Sexual Orgy
“God” I thought, “She so hot, and she made me come so much
more than any guy ever had.” I couldn’t resist and I lifted her leg and
started sucking her again. Debbie moaned and cried as she came again, her
hands pushing my head against her, grinding my face into her cunt. She was
really wet and almost gushing in my face. After that, she pulled me to her
and kissed me, tasting her own juices as I tasted mine on her lips and tounge.
Debbie rolled over and hit an intercom button next to the bed. John’s
voice sounded and Debbie asked him to come upstairs saying she had something
she wanted to show him. I was apprehensive but Debbie rolled back and then
laid me back, laying on top of me and sucking like a wanton slut on my clit.
Her soaked pussy lowered to my lips and I was powerless to refuse. I lapped
her up eagerly as I felt my orgasm build. I don’t know how long we laid like
that, but just as I started to come, Debbie pulled my legs back under her
arms, spreading me wide and shoving her tounge deep into my hole. I could
feel my juice on her face as she rubbed her tounge and mouth over my swollen
pussy, giving me one orgasm after another. Somewhere I slid three fingers
into her pussy and was ramming her with them. I heard Debbie say “Don’t just
stand there, join us!” She rolled off and I saw John standing there with
an erection and his bathrobe on the floor. He was stroking his seven inch
cock hard as he walked over to us. My fingers were still inside of Debbie
and she was burning with lust. Debbie grabbed John’s cock and sucked him
into her mouth. I pumped my fingers in and out of Debbie’s pussy while she
sucked John, using the fingers of my other hand to frig her clit. John slid
two fingers inside me and began to stroke the inside of my burning pussy, his
fingers stretching my insides deliciously. Debbie started to come again and
I grabbed her hips and pulled her cunt down to my mouth, sucking and licking
her sweet juices from her. Debbie moaned loud around John’s cock, and her
hips shook and quivered against my face.

Kinky Orgy

bizarre orgy
John went downstairs and undressed by the tub while we went into the master
bedroom. Debbie opened a drawer and told me to look through her suits and
see if anything would fit. She stepped over by the bed and stripped out of
her clothes quickly. I followed her example and quickly removed my clothes.
Now we were both naked and close to each other, and I felt myself tremble
as she came closer. Her hands cupped my breasts and kneaded them, sending a
wave of pleasure over me. I reached up to hers and felt their warmth and
their fullness. Debbie begged me to suck her nipples and I leaned forward,
thinking how exciting this was. I licked her large and dark nipples, and
sucked them the way I like it. I pinched them between my lips, and tugged
gently. Debbie moaned softly the whole time, her hips swaying and she was
breathing deeply. I guess I really got into it, and she had to pry me off
her breasts to kiss me. She kissed me hard and passionately, and I seemed
to melt against her. Her hands explored me and found my pussy. When her
fingers touched the lips of my pussy, I shuddered with pleasure. Debbie just
seemed to know what I wanted. She pushed a finger inside me and I started
to come, moaning softly into her mouth. Debbie laid me down on the bed and
began to want only lick and suck my pussy, holding my legs open wide. She
knelt on the floor and tounged me so hard that I couldn’t help myself. I
was coming so hard that I bucked and thrashed on the bed, shaking all over.
Wave after wave hit me and I was sure that the bed would be soaked. Her
tounge moved up and down between my legs and her hands touched me everwhere.
Debbie stopped and knelt on the bed next to me, and still I continued to come
for about two minutes afterwards, every time she touched me or caressed me.
I was breathing hard, and Debbie as sitting there watching me, her hand on
her pussy. I could see her fingers glisten and I pulled her hand to my mouth
and licked her fragrant juices off of them. Debbie moved and sat over me,
lowering her blonde haired cunt down to my mouth. The fragrance of her sex
excited me, as did the warmth and texture of her soft pussy. I parted the
lips with my tounge and tasted her. Debbie rocked her hips back and forth on
my tounge and I could feel her cream spreading against my chin. I pulled her
down to me and sucked her clit into my mouth, flicking the little knob fast
and hard. Debbie moaned loudly and came with a rush, her body shuddering and
rocking hard against my mouth. I felt myself beginning to come too, and when
Debbie’s cunt squeezed hard I felt her juice flowing over my face, I did come.
She fell onto her side next to me, still shaking and coming and I licked her
come from my lips.

Orgy Sex Party

Orgy Sex Party
“Jeff,” Leslie said, “come over here and lick my cunt. My
fingers are getting tired.”
Leslie gave a short sigh as I moved away from her and moved
toward Leslie. I put my head between her crotch and started to lick
her inner thighs. She began squirming quite a bit, so I continued
teasing her. I then moved my lips toward her shaven pussy. Her clit
was quite visible as it stuck out from beyond her hood. Extending my
tongue to meet her clit, she wrapped her legs around me, pulling me
closer to her pussy. I moved my tongue below her clit and stuck it
deep within her hole.
Leslie continued moaning and massaging her breasts as I
continued licking her cunt. “I’m going to come,” she screamed. I then
felt her vaginal walls contracting around my tongue as she squirted
small amounts of fluid. “Oooh, Jeff, that was one of the best
orgasms I’ve ever had.”

Party Freaks

Sex Party Freaks
Leslie was still sucking me and my come was really nearing its
point of no return. I then felt my cock contract and spew a load of
come. And then another contraction and another squirt. Leslie kept
her mouth over my cock, swallowing my come as Kim said that she
would. After I had spent my load, Leslie removed her mouth from my
“That was good,” Leslie said. She then sat on the couch and
brought her hand toward her cunt. She stroked the length of her slit
with one hand and rubbed her tits with the other.
Kim continued kissing. She moved her tongue deep into my
mouth, tasting her own juices. I was still quite limp from Leslie’s
blowjob, but I was slowly getting aroused. I could hear Leslie
moaning from her fingering herself and that was getting me even more

Bachelorette Orgy

bachelorette party
“Spread your legs a little,” I whispered to Kim. And she did.
She lifted her leg and placed it on the arm rest of the couch. I was
now able to get a finger deeper in her hole and give her a good
Leslie then got off of the couch and kneeled in front of me.
Kim still had her hands around my cock while Leslie bent down to get
a good licking of the tip, licking all of the pre-come as from my hole.
My eyes had now adjusted to the dark and I was able to get a good
outline of the two girls. Kim was still sitting next to me with her
hands on my cock with my fingers deep in her cunt. Leslie was
kneeling in front of me and her tongue was giving my cock a good
bath. Kim then guided my cock into Leslie’s mouth. She licked up
and down the shaft, the entire length, while Kim continued stroking it.
Leslie then put her entire mouth over my cock.
“Why don’t you get onto the floor,” Kim suggested. I took my
fingers out of Kim’s moist pussy and slowly slid off the couch while
Leslie’s mouth remained over my cock. My head still rested against
the couch and Kim stood up and moved her crotch in front of my face.
She got onto her knees so that her cunt was right at mouth level. She
pushed her cunt straight into my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and
started licking the lips of her pussy. She reached down and started
fiddling with her hardening clit. I then took my hands and spread her
lips apart and stuck my tongue deep inside her pussy. The aroma was
quite pleasant. I started losing concentration as to what Leslie was
doing to my cock. I then moved my mouth slowly away from Kim’s
“Does Leslie swallow?” I asked.
“Yes, she loves come,” Kim answered.
“Good, because I’m about to come.”
I stuck my tongue back into Kim’s cunt and began licking away
“I’m about to come too,” Kim said.
I could feel the come boiling up within my balls, and I suppose
Leslie sensed this too because she started to massage them. I could
hear Kim panting as her orgasm was coming on. Her pussy started
contracting around my tongue and I knew she was having a good
orgasm. She then got off her knees and sat beside me, putting her lips
close to mine so that we could embrace in a kiss.

Therapist Watching Sex Tape

had, of course, been warned many times during her training that it
was her responsibility to maintain control of the session at all
times, but what could it really hurt if Jan brought herself to
orgasm while watching herself on the screen? “If only I weren’t so
damned turned on myself..” she thought.

When the video Kevin pulled out and moved up to position himself
over the waiting mouth of the video Jan, the live Jan cried out,
“Oh, Yes! He’s going to come in my mouth!”, and her real mouth
opened wide in imitation of the one she was watching, as her
fingers dug deeply between her sopping lips and her thumb pressed
hard against her clit. Jan’s orgasm began for real just as Kevin’s
did on the tape.