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Black lover

I am a white guy of forty-six. About fifteen years ago when I worked in the South, I
was very good friends with a then nineteen-year-old black girl
named Sarah. She was one of the prettiest black females I have
ever seen in her face; shiny blue/black hair, great soft brown
eyes, a sensitive mouth. She was slightly on the plump side, but
in my opinion, it only made her more alluring.
About two times a week I would drop in on Sarah for the
express purpose of going down on her. That girl was some of the
best eating I have found, and she was wild about being eaten,
too. That was all I ever did to her-giving her tongue baths and
eating her cunt-and she playfully called me her “personal and
private cunt eater” when we were alone, and in her own apartment

Hardcore college party

sex college party
We roused Lisa and she looked at us sort of bewildered for a moment.
“What happened?” she said. Debbie explained that she’d passed out from her
orgasm. Lisa moved to sit up, and found her thighs were soaked, as was the
top of the coffee table. “Jeezus!” She said, looking at John. “You must’ve
cum like a horse!” Then she realized that John was still hard and hadn’t
yet come, in her pussy or otherwise. “Is that all me?” She asked us. Debbie
told her it was, and weakly Lisa got to her feet. We helped her to the
bedroom where we loved her gently until we were sure she was alright.

Sexy slut

Sexy slut
“And, uh, one more favor,” Kim said. She cracked open the
bathroom door and handed me her wet T-shirt that she had been trying
to dry. Then she handed me her mini-skirt, and then out came a g-
string. Hmmm, a g-string, I thought to myself. “Could you dry these
for me”?
“Sure, no problem,” I replied.
The hand came back out with more clothes. This time it was
Leslie’s shirt and jeans. However, no underwear came out with the
“And could you dry these too?” Leslie asked.
“Sure,” I replied again. My mind was racing at this time. Here
were two beautiful girls in my bathroom, naked, and me on the other
side of the door. I heard a few giggles which were being slightly
drowned out by the sound of the hair dryer.

Orgy Sex Parties Episode

Orgy Sex Parties Episode
She raised her
skirt to her waist and drove two fingers into herself. She was
coming almost immediately and her fluids were running down the
crack of her bottom to pool on the velvet below her. She fingered
her clit harder than she could ever remember and found herself
enjoying the slight pain she was causing from such rough handling
of her most sensitive spot.