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swinger videos Puma, a tall blond Swedish sex pot, seems a little too excited to gulp and grind on Steven’s hard cock. Since the first couple-fuck left a bad taste in his mouth, jealous Jack is back to swap out his new wife of 3 months. Maybe Shy’s tasty cock can cure Jack’s stingy tendencies while adding some fun to Shy and Steven’s marriage of 5 years!

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swinger sex orgyswinging couples I now belong to the White Boy’s Auziliary, which is an
informal network of white men whose wives have black lovers.
There are a few hundred of us in this organization alone. It’s a
good way to share experiences, make new friends, and so spread
the good word. It isn’t really an organized club, but we do now
have bumper stickers and lapel pins. More and more people are
learning about the WBA. I have had a number of black men see me
with my pin, introduce them to my wife. Which I do if they seem
to be her type. At least once a week a black man approaches
Beverly. I know when this happens, because she calls me at work
and says, “Guess who’s coming to dinner?”


Sometimes at night when it is all quiet I can still hear her
panting, “Oooooo, I’m gonna come, baby! Get ready!” while her
big, wonderful ass is twisting and writhing under me, her huge
sweet tits are bouncing around, her big hairy cunt grinding and
exploding against my eager mouth, that familiar little warm
dribble running down my chin.
“Swinging…Ebony Style”
Three years ago my wife had her first experience with a
black man at a swinging party. That evening has changed the
entire nature of our sex life-and for the better.
Our swinging was getting to be somewhat routine and we were
both about to drop out. The one fantasy Beverly had never
realized was to make it with a really super-hung black man. She
had always preferred men with large cocks, and the idea of
contrast in color was something that had captured her
imagination. As it turned out, the experience far surpassed her
expectations-and mine, too.

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While we drove through the darkness to their house, Debbie’s dress had slid
up on her legs, and her left thigh was very exposed by the slit of her dress.
John was looking left as he turned and Debbie took my right hand and placed
it on her thigh. I could feel her warm skin through her pantyhose and I felt
a sort of electric shock. I looked at her, and she was watching my face too.
John was distracted, talking about how well Debbie painted and trying to
merge onto the freeway at the same time. The wine had loosened my inhibitions
and I slid my hand under Debbie’s dress and touched her pussy. I felt her
hips rise against my hand, and I found that she was so wet she’d almost soaked
her pantyhose! I looked at John just in time. He looked at me and asked me
if I liked hot tubs. “Sure.” I said. He didn’t see my hand under Debbie’s
dress in the darkness and he paid more attention to his driving. I removed
my hand, and looked at Debbie. Her eyes were wide and she was breathing very
deeply. Her slick moistness was on my fingers and I told her I’d love to look
at her paintings before we hit the hot tubs. While she answered I raised my
fingers to my mouth and licked her honey from my fingers. Her eyes were
riveted on my lips and I smiled. John of course wasn’t watching so he didn’t
know what we were doing.
They had a lovely two story house in a new area just outside of town.
John said he’d pour some more wine and went to the kitchen and Debbie led me
by the hand upstairs to her “studio”. Once there, with John making noises
downstairs, Debbie pulled me to her and kissed me passionately on the mouth.
Her tounge slid past my parted lips and found mine. Her body seemed to burn
against me, her hands cupped my behind, fondling them eagerly. I could feel
my panties were sopping wet and my tounge followed hers into her mouth. We
kept this up until we heard John coming up the stairs. John passed out some
rather large glasses of white wine and we sipped and looked at Debbie’s art.
She was really a good artist. Some of her works were landscapes but most
were of people. One amusing one was of two toddlers at the beach, sans any
swimsuits, and playing with a large beach ball. John opened a closet door
and pulled out what he called his “favorite painting”. Debbie blushed a bit
and said that John was biased. John turned the painting around and I looked
at a self portrait of Debbie, standing and nude, her long blonde hair pulled
up by her hands behind her head. It was a stunning piece of work. I looked
at her large breasts and nipples and her very blonde pussy. Her legs were
gorgeous and trim too. My pussy felt wetter than ever. I looked at Debbie
and said that she was so beautiful. She blushed and told John to show her
the other one. This was a full length nude of John, with a tremendous
erection. I whistled and told John that he made a very good model. “Debbie
had to keep me hard while she painted that. And it took her three days!”
We all laughed and Debbie blushed slightly. Why was she embarrassed? I felt
like she should be proud of her beautiful bod. We talked about painting and
of course sex for a while, then John suggested that we take a dip in the hot
tub. I was ready, the wine already relaxing me and making me feel a bit wild.
Debbie explained that she and John never wore suits in the hot tub, but that
I was welcome to wear one of hers (if it would fit that is). We let John go
into the tub first while I said I’d like to try on one of Debbie’s suits.

Party Sex XXX

“The club made me afraid in the same way that Dan does, sometimes,
but I found that I liked the fear. It’s partly a fear of being hurt
or discovered, but mostly, it’s a fear of the unknown. I really
believe Dan has everything under control and won’t let me get hurt.
I don’t know why I feel that way, but I do and getting the video
tape seemed to make me believe it even more. When I first suspected
that they were taping me with Kevin, I made up my mind that I will
NOT be coerced or blackmailed. They can show it on ‘Sixty
Minutes’, if they want, and I’ll find a way to deal with it in my
real world. I really do believe it is the only copy, and I’m toying
with the idea of giving a copy to Dan and, maybe, Denise with the
understanding that it will be for their enjoyment only.” Dr.
Stevens looked concerned and suggested that Jan not do that until
she had thought it through completely and they had discussed it
together. Jan agreed, and went on, “You know, I’ve watched that
tape at least a dozen times since I got back from that trip and I’m
just beginning to be able to relate to that incredibly sexy woman
on the screen being me. The first few times, it was like watching
someone else in a porno movie even though I could clearly remember
it happening.”

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