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Girl pees on climax

titties looked like a pair of tan volleyballs on her chest, and
had great dark nipples. Her waist was real small for a lady her
size, and curved outward demurely into her softly rounded hips
and dimpled, squirmy rear end, then on down into her lush, full
thighs and rounded knees. She was like light brown velvet all
over, and she kept herself squeaky clean.
There was one unique thing about Sarah-every time she
climaxed she would pee a little bit. No kidding! it embarrassed
her something awful at first, but it tickled me. After she
realized that I really loved it her embarrassment vanished, and
she would just climax all over the place for me again and again,
letting out her little warm dribble each time.

Hardcore Orgy

Hardcore Orgy
“Stick it in me, baby,” said the woman on the video. As I
watched the porno, I slowly rubbed my cock through my pants.
“Take it all, bitch,” the man said. The woman was standing up,
leaning forward with her hands grabbing her ankles. The man slid his
cock easily into the woman’s cunt.
“That’s it baby,” the woman moaned. “Make me come.” The
man gyrated her hips as the woman kept moaning.
“Ohh baby, I’m going to come,” the man moaned. “Where do
you want it?”
“In my mouth,” the woman said. “I want to eat all of your
The woman then lay down on the ground and the man sat on her
chest, putting his cock between her breasts. As she squeezed the
breasts on his cock, the man rocked his body back and forth while
extending his hands to the woman’s tits.