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the two other couples soon went upstairs to one of the
bedrooms. We were left with Jim, Mary, and Frank. “Beverly,”
said Mary, “you are going to have the biggest and hottest cock of
your life tonight. But you have to share it with me.” I think
Beverly and I both blushed, because the three of them laughed.
Frank looked at me and said, “Jack, I like Beverly’s looks and
hope you don’t mind my enjoying her this evening.”
Before I oculd answer, Beverly said, “No indeed he doesn’t
mind! Right Jack?” I nodded my assent, and with that Frank
quickly removed his clothes as Mary and Beverly followed suit.

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I am a white guy of forty-six. About fifteen years ago when I worked in the South, I
was very good friends with a then nineteen-year-old black girl
named Sarah. She was one of the prettiest black females I have
ever seen in her face; shiny blue/black hair, great soft brown
eyes, a sensitive mouth. She was slightly on the plump side, but
in my opinion, it only made her more alluring.
About two times a week I would drop in on Sarah for the
express purpose of going down on her. That girl was some of the
best eating I have found, and she was wild about being eaten,
too. That was all I ever did to her-giving her tongue baths and
eating her cunt-and she playfully called me her “personal and
private cunt eater” when we were alone, and in her own apartment

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was fucking me from behind and Debbie was caressing Lisa, when Lisa sent
Debbie downstairs for the camera. When she came back Lisa waited until John
was ready to come. Just as he started to come, she moved down and pulled
his spurting cock from my pussy and sucked him into her mouth. Give the girl
credit. Not a drop leaked from her mouth as John shot a huge load. Debbie
took pictures and watched as Lisa slipped John back into my dripping cunt.
She rolled me over on my side, and indicated for me to open my mouth. Lisa
leaned over and let John’s come dribble into my mouth, letting Debbie catch
it on film. Debbie couldn’t stand it and gave John the camera and joined
us. The result is one very hot series of pictures. The one I like best shows
the three of us with our tounges touching and a big drop of John’s cum about
to fall back down my tounge.

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John pulled his fingers from my cunt and let Debbie lick them off as she
laid on the bed. “Suck her wet come” He told Debbie and she was greedily
sucking his fingers. Debbie seemed to change, her attitude was so wanton and
sluttish that she’d do anything. “Lick her asshole” John told her and she
fairly dove between my legs. I’d never had anyone lick my asshole before and
Debbie was not only licking, she was trying to fuck it with her tounge. The
sensation of her hands pulling my cheeks wide and her tounge made me incred-
ibly hot. John stood there and watched, his cock wet from Debbie’s mouth.
Debbie had me almost ready to come from her hand playing on my clit while
she fucked my ass with her tounge when John told her to stop. Debbie looked
back at me with a look of lust on her face and slid off of me. John stepped
up and rubbed his hot cock against my tits and neck, while Debbie fingered
herself right next to me. “Would you like him to come?” Debbie asked. I was
suprised by my voice saying “yes. I want him come all over me!” I was so hot
and burning with the need to come that I wanted it all, anything right now.
“Would you like to suck my come from Debbie’s pussy?” John asked. Again I said
yes, desiring the release, wanting to come myself.
Debbie said “I think she’s ready now.” and chuckled, still fingering her
pussy. John agreed and stepped back. Left alone, I was confused as to what
they were doing. John came back with a photo album and showed it to me. The
pictures were of Debbie and John engaged in different sexual poses and acts.
One that send ripples of estacy through me was of Debbie on her knees in the
living room, masturbating with a huge dildo and John’s sperm on her face.
Several shots showed different people and Debbie explained that they traded
pictures with other couples and enjoyed it so much. Debbie turned a page to
her “favorite” picture. It was a shot of a guy spurting on a girl’s breast
while another girl was licking it off her nipple. I felt my pussy twitch
and leak cream when I saw that. “That’s my fantasy” She said. “I want to
lick John’s come from your tits after he comes.” I could feel my nipples
strain to stand up even more.