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the two other couples soon went upstairs to one of the
bedrooms. We were left with Jim, Mary, and Frank. “Beverly,”
said Mary, “you are going to have the biggest and hottest cock of
your life tonight. But you have to share it with me.” I think
Beverly and I both blushed, because the three of them laughed.
Frank looked at me and said, “Jack, I like Beverly’s looks and
hope you don’t mind my enjoying her this evening.”
Before I oculd answer, Beverly said, “No indeed he doesn’t
mind! Right Jack?” I nodded my assent, and with that Frank
quickly removed his clothes as Mary and Beverly followed suit.

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My Hardcore Orgy

I knew being a cop’s wife would be hard. The only thing I didn’t anticipate was the loneliness. We’re a young married couple, struggling for money, so Ted works all the overtime he can which leaves me at home alone. It got to be more than I could stand, so I started going out and hitting the local clubs. Looking back, I guess I was looking for trouble, but I didn’t realize it until I’d found it. I like to attract a little attention when I go out. It’s a good way to keep your bar tab down. That I slipped into a thin cotton dress which was cut high above the knee andlow on my chest – and so tight it guarenteed I’d get all the attention I wanted. Continue reading My Hardcore Orgy