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I still think of her a lot

If she was in her period (which she was a few times) she
would not let me go empty-handed. She would give me a very nice
blowjob. She always warned me not to tell her mom about that,
fearing that the older lady would shit up her back if she knew
that Sarah was a cock sucker. But, I think her mom already
suspected it, anyway, because I have heard her grumbling about
“the girls are just as bad as the boys when it comes to doing
that nasty stuff!” She would give Sarah a direct gaze when she
muttered it, too. I think she suspected that her daughter would
not let me leave unfulfilled, and she understood that Sarah liked
me very much.
Sarah finally got married, and probably has a houseful of
kids by now, but I still think about her a lot. She was some of
the best damned eating in the world, and I sure hope that the guy
she married is a cunt-eater. He probably is by now, if I know
his wife, because that is something she has to have a lot of.

Tongue baths

I loved to give that girl tongue baths, licking and kissing
all over her pretty face, her lips and eyes and forehead, her
cheeks and throat, out her shoulders and down her arms, all the
while petting her big hairy cunt or titties. She would get
hotter and hotter, and I would move all over her naked body,
licking her hips and thighs, her knees and belly, over her
breasts and nipples, up and down her back and all over her
dimpled buttocks, sucking at her puckered asshole. By the time I
reached her cunt it would be delightfully sloppy and actually
quivering delicately for me. She would hold those lovely full
thighs open and up, and I would devour her entire crotch, never
leaving it in LESS than an hour. The more Sarah’s cunt was
eaten, the better it seemed to get.

Wild poolside orgy

sex crazed studs and sluts
was fucking me from behind and Debbie was caressing Lisa, when Lisa sent
Debbie downstairs for the camera. When she came back Lisa waited until John
was ready to come. Just as he started to come, she moved down and pulled
his spurting cock from my pussy and sucked him into her mouth. Give the girl
credit. Not a drop leaked from her mouth as John shot a huge load. Debbie
took pictures and watched as Lisa slipped John back into my dripping cunt.
She rolled me over on my side, and indicated for me to open my mouth. Lisa
leaned over and let John’s come dribble into my mouth, letting Debbie catch
it on film. Debbie couldn’t stand it and gave John the camera and joined
us. The result is one very hot series of pictures. The one I like best shows
the three of us with our tounges touching and a big drop of John’s cum about
to fall back down my tounge.

Sex Tape Groupsex

Dr. Stevens was quiet for a few moments, then said, “Would you be
willing to let me see the tape?” She wasn’t certain that her
curiosity was entirely professional in nature, but she found
herself wanting desperately to see what Jan had described and,
perhaps it would help her to provide better guidance to her
patient. Jan nodded and said, “I have it in my purse. Would it be
O.K. if I watch it with you?” The doctor took the cassette and
inserted it in the VCR that was built in to the bookshelves that
made up one entire wall of her office. She pressed the play button
and took a seat in a large, soft chair where she could see both the
TV screen and Jan, sitting on the couch. She wanted to take note of
Jan’s reactions to what she was watching.

The tape began with Jan being helped to the stage by Kathy. (“My
God,”, she thought, “she really is small. She almost looks like a
miniature woman beside Jan.” As the video progressed, it became
obvious that the club had at least four different cameras to cover
the low platform from several different angles.

Orgy Outdoor Sex Party

Orgy Sex Party
This time we are having fun outdoors. Welcome back to the party as these tanned and toned socialites play a little game of beach blanket bunghole! Hamburgers aren’t the only meaty treat as these curvy and sexy cuties get filled by footlong dongs in this orgy sex party! Tune in and have some fun