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Since that evening we have limited our swinging exclusively
to black men. We have learned that there are many, many white
couples who do the same. And quite a few black studs who
“specialize” in white married women. White men don’t do it for
Beverly anymore. And after watching her with some of her lovers,
I’m suprized that there aren’t more white women seeking out black

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“Sharing” was what she called it. “Don’t miss a drop,” she said.
When I finished, we kissed, enjoying our traditional sharing of
the juices. I didn’t want to admit it at first, but the mixture
of Frank’s cum and Beverly’s pussy juice actually tasted
Frank continued to give both Mary and Beverly a cock lashing
like I have never seen before. And it seemed that he had an
ocean full of cum in his balls as he filled Beverly up so much
again that she stood up on her knees, legs spread, opened her
cunt with both hands, and announced, “Look what my darling Frank
gave me!” She began to force Frank’s cum out of her love hole.
The thick, white liquid dripped out of her, while a wide,
ecstatic smile shown on Beverly’s face.

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Beverly held on for dear life, saying, “Give it all to me.
No one has ever fucked me that deep. Only you, Frank. My pussy
belongs only to YOU!” Then he withdrew, got up from the bed, and
told Mary that it was her turn. The three of them left the room.
We were alone, and I knew what was coming next.
“Come on, Jack. You know what I love.” I got on the bed
with my face between her legs, looking at the yawning hole of her
cunt with Frank’s cum oozing out. I began sucking her. I had
become used to sucking Beverly after her lovers finished making
love to her. But this was a somewhat different experience.

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Ten minutes later we were in the bedroom and Frank was
poised above Beverly with the head of his rigid cock at the
entrance to her pussy. Slowly he began entering her, pausing
every inch or so to savor the feeling and to watch Beverly’s
reaction. Her eyes were wide open and so was her mouth. “Do
it! she yelled. “Give it to me…fuck my mother fucking
cunt…NOW!” He did it, pushing his monstrous cock all the way
in her and then beginning to fuck her with a practiced rhythm.
Beverly picked up his rhythm, locked her feet behind his buttocks
and pumped for all she was worth. It didn’t take long for
Beverly to have an enormous orgasm, at which time Frank paused a
moment before pounding away furiously. He finally froze deep
inside her, filling her with cum.

Debbie does DECA 3some Story

Archive-name: 3plus/deca.txt
Archive-author: Rev
Archive-title: Debbie does DECA

DECA is a high-school business oriented class that allows students
to leave school early, and go to a part-time job, and get a class
credit for that work.

Disclaimer: All events in this story are ficticious (to an extent).
The author (not me) considers this material his original work,
and maintains all rights to this story, transmitted by any

Debbie Does DECA, Day 1

In high school, Debbie had originally joined DECA in order to
get out of school early. That way she could drop by Brad’s and ride
his cock, to her heart’s content, before his wife got home from work.
Then it would be off to work, as a cashier at a local supermarket.
Before she knew it it was time for her DECA group to attend
state competition. Three days of boring tests and dumb role-playing
exercises, but the great thing was there were thousands of teenagers
there all looking for a good time.
The first night, there was an opening ceremony, that just
dragged on. Debbie’s mind stared to wonder, as she came out of her
fantasy, she noticed the guy beside her. He wasn’t that bad looking
so she decided to have a little fun. She placed her hand on his knee
and after a squeeze she began to rub the top of his leg back and
forward. She leaned towards him and whispered, “By that bulge in your
pants, it looks like you need to go to the bathroom, want me to come
and help you with it?” He could not even muster an answer he just
stood and headed for door. She waited a minute, to hold down
suspicion, and headed for the bathroom.
She reached the lobby just in time to see him enter the men’s
restroom. As she opened the door he grabbed her and ushered through
the empty bathroom and into one of the stalls and locked the door.
As soon as the bolt clicked shut, he became all hands, running
them up and down her body, while his tongue explored the inside of her
mouth. Her hand almost instinctively reached down and cupped his
bulge through his dress pants. Her other hand soon joined to unbuckle
his belt, and then slide his pants and underwear down to his ankles.
Her hands then went back to what she really wanted…his cock, which
by this time was as hard as a steel rod pulsating in her hands. She
broke the kiss in order to work her way down his body. Debbie noticed
a drop of pre-cum sparkling off of the tip of his cock so she reached
out with her tongue daintily lifted it up with her tongue savoring the
taste. His body jerked as just the very tip of her tongue touched his
piss-hole. Her tongue then started doing circles around the head of
his cock until he grabbed her hair in the back and rammed his cock
into the back of her throat. Picking up on his minor hint, she began
to slide her lips up and down his member, lightly scraping it with her
teeth on each upstroke. He suddenly grabbed the sides of head pulling
her off of his cock and lifted her up to her feet. He spun her so she
was facing the wall behind the toilet and pushed her forward. Debbie
caught herself by placing her hands on the wall and lifted her skirt
over her taut, pantiless ass. Then in one quick stroke he sunk his
dick into the depths of her pussy. Before she could even react, he
started an almost maddening rhythm which started a tingling deep
inside of her. While continuing this rhythm, he had worked her tits
from the confines of her blouse and bra, and was gently kneading her
tit flesh. Then he started to concentrate on her now rock hard
nipples, roughly rolling them between his fingers which made her
entire chest warm. She could not hold back any longer as the walls of
her pussy seemed to grab a hold of his cock and pull him even deeper
into her. She came as her own moans of ecstasy echoed back at her
from the tile. As Debbie’s pussy tightened, it seemed to suck the
load which he had been trying so hard to hold in.
After he had put back on his pants, she finally learned his
name, which was Shawn. He left her his room number and left to return
to the ceremony. Debbie wadded a piece of toilet paper and dabbed the
mixture of vaginal juices and cum that were now dripping down her leg
then threw the toilet paper and the room number into the toilet, then
flushed it. Debbie was here to have fun, which meant not just
settling for one cock. She then adjusted her dress and calmly walked
into the lobby, where she saw one of the teachers, who gave her a very Continue reading Debbie does DECA 3some Story