Guy eats girl

Her parents and her younger brother and sister knew about
me, too, because Sarah told them exactly what I did to her. Her
dad would grin and kid me about eating her, telling me that it
was good for acid indigestion, etc. Her plump little mother
would shake her dark head and murmur about the “nasty things
these youngsters do nowadays”, and warn Sarah about getting
pregnant, even though she knew that no female can get pregnant on
saliva. Her kid sister’s eyes would shine when she saw me. She
was as pretty as Sarah but she was only fourteen. Her kid
brother would draw me aside and ask me how you go about eating a
cunt. But, they were all happy for Sarah because she was getting
the thing she wanted and loved.
Sarah had a rather big cunt, but it was beautiful to look
at. it had long, plumpish, dark lips with a long, delicately
pink crack between them, a hole which was surprisingly tight and
hot and deep, a nice big clitoris which was easily located and
which was always erect, I thin, and everything was covered very
nicely by a big, wide patch of kinky black hair which extended
downward and disappeared into the deep cleft of her bottom.

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