Interracial swingers

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Jim then took me aside and suggested that we go to the kitchen
and make drinks for everyone.
“Jack, you’ve got to see this guy to believe him. Mary is
totally addicted to him. He had an open invitation and sometimes
comes over and fucks Mary during the day when I’m at work. At
first I objected, but there’s no denying him any more. I can
assure you that Beverly will love it and think she’s never had
sex before by comparison.” We finished the drinks and went back
to the living room.
What I saw was a scene which not only was to repeat itself
many times in the next three years-even though I didn’t know it
at the time, but also would turn me on incredibly to watch.
Beverly was on her knees in front of Frank, who was sitting on
the sofa next to Mary. In her hands was the largest cock I had
seen in person. About ten inches long and very hard and fat.
And black. The head was glistening from what I assumed to
Beverly’s licking and sucking. She began licking it form top to
bottom. I was hypnotized at the sight. Realizing I was there,
Beverly looked over her shoulder at me and said, “Jack, look at
this! I can’t believe it! It so beautiful!” Then she began
licking and sucking again while Frank kissed Mary and played with
her tits.