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swinger sex story

As if with a mind of its own, Wayne’s hand continued, slowly moving,
touching, caressing, until finally it fully covered the mound of her
breast. This, for guys, is the moment of truth: is she going to stop me?
Is she going to ignore it? We never know, and it is always an achingly
anxious moment. I have no idea how hard Wayne’s heart was beating right
then…. but mine was about jumping out of my chest with anticipation, and
I was fully 6 feet away!

Slowly, oh so slowly, Sue responded in a most wonderfully affirmative way.
Her hand moved up from her side, gently touched Wayne’s hand, and then
continued up to the top button on her dress, and languidly unbuttoned it!
Moving back to his hand, Sue stroked his fingers and gently moved them
towards the new opening in the neckline of her dress. Then when it was
clear that Wayne had found the opening, and had gotten the message, her
hand embarked an exploration of its own, followed his arm to his shoulder,
then down to his chest

This seemed to electrify Wayne. With a soft cry of delight, he unbuttoned
two or three more buttons at the top of Sue’s dress, enough to be able to
slide his hand within, and touch the bare skin of her breast. From my
vantage point, I could see his fingers molding and softly squeezing her
tit, moving under the cloth to find and tease her nipple. At the same
time, Sue was reaching down along his side, dropping to his waist, looking
for a way under his rugby shirt. Things were visibly heating up, as each
of them began breathing more audibly, and sighing with pleasure at each
new discovery.