Tongue baths

I loved to give that girl tongue baths, licking and kissing
all over her pretty face, her lips and eyes and forehead, her
cheeks and throat, out her shoulders and down her arms, all the
while petting her big hairy cunt or titties. She would get
hotter and hotter, and I would move all over her naked body,
licking her hips and thighs, her knees and belly, over her
breasts and nipples, up and down her back and all over her
dimpled buttocks, sucking at her puckered asshole. By the time I
reached her cunt it would be delightfully sloppy and actually
quivering delicately for me. She would hold those lovely full
thighs open and up, and I would devour her entire crotch, never
leaving it in LESS than an hour. The more Sarah’s cunt was
eaten, the better it seemed to get.

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